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TechMarin Solutions AS provides high end equipment and services to the Norwegian maritime, Oil & Gas, and industrial market. We represent quality suppliers within sewage treatment systems, cooling systems, heating systems, SCR systems, etc. We also offer consultancy service within sales management, marketing and engineering.

Our products and service should always be concidered "over average" with regards to quality in all aspects. Both the quoting/solution process, the delivery process, the implementation process, and of course in the warranty / ownership period.

The Companies we represent are all well known in the maritime market and has a long and impressive Reference list in all kind of Vessels.


We acknowledge the fact that margins and prices are under high pressure. Therefore TechMarin Solutions enables the prinsipals to quote directly to the Norwegian market. This means no  distributor network in Norway, hence an expencive link in the value Chain is avoided. This makes us very price competitive versus suppliers with a distributor network in Norway which needs their own margin on top.

TechMarin Solutions also believes in compentent employees and wants to add value to both prinsipals and customers by beeing a technical skilled "link" between the two. By this, making sure the supplier knows the exact needs of the customer and enables the supplier to quote the relevant solutions. 

We also provide consultancy services within engineering, sales, and sales management.


  • Our focus is YOU

  • Do business directly with the source - save money

  • Solution provider - not only a product provider

  • Flexible and competent - We pre-engineer for you and add value

  • Focus - Engagement - Trust

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